Does CBD Come in a Pill?

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Here’s what you should know if you’re thinking about taking a CBD Pill or Capsule!

CBD product sales are set to exceed $20 billion by 2024. No wonder the market grew 946% between 2018-2019, and another 706% since then. Though CBD is a relative of marijuana, it’s its own market.

Like marijuana, CBD products can be used in the following ways:

Though CBD has topical options, it is fast-acting in pill form. Here’s what to know about CBD capsules.

What Is CBD?

Understanding CBD means distinguishing it from its cousin, THC. THC is the common cannabinoid found in marijuana, which creates mind and body altering effects. Today, plants that produce THC-heavy plant matter is considered cannabis. Plants which produce plant matter for CBD products is considered hemp. CBD is a separate cannabinoid with nonpsychoactive effects.

You might be wondering, “If CBD is not psychoactive, what does it do?” You’re right to ask.

Whereas THC comes from the marijuana plant, CBD comes from the familiar friend, hemp. Hemp seeds, hemp beauty products, or hemp protein, all come from the same plant, but do not contain CBD. If the superfood’s known for its anti-oxidizing, reparative properties, and nutrient density, imagine the glory of CBD pills. Check out the infographic below for a little more information on Hemp versus Cannabis.

Why Choose The Clear CBD Capsules?

It’s easy to negotiate with yourself about taking your pills. They’re all the way upstairs. I’ll take them tomorrow. 

If you still believe a pill’s a pill’s a pill, The Clear’s CBD differs from the rest. Unlike other CBD capsules, we’ve got an AM CBD dose with caffeine for a boost in the morning and a PM dose with melatonin to help you unwind before bed.

Investing in both an AM and PM dose is a great way to live intentionally. Consider CBD a kind greeting to start your day and a sweet goodnight to end it. Since both pills hold a purpose, it’s easy to take them purposefully.

CBD pills are simply the type you look forward to taking. Where else can you get two-for-one caffeine and CBD? Melatonin and CBD?

Keep them next to your bed for a convenient reminder. There’s no need to stock up your pill cabinet if you invest in the right ones. The Clear’s got everything you’d want all in one capsule.


It’s hard not to feel good with CBD capsules. CBD asks you to relate with it, rather than just consume it. Picking pills off a shelf is like throwing darts at a dartboard, but CBD capsules put those days to rest.

Though capsules are often overlooked, pills serve an unmatched function. Here’s when CBD capsules are the best option.

  1. Travelling
  2. Gifting
  3. Fast Acting Ingestion
  4. Avoiding eating oil, as you would with a tincture

If you’re regimented when it comes to taking vitamins, consider CBD an easy addition. If you’re new to the world of capsules, this is a good way to form new habits. You can set a phone reminder or write it into your planner.

CBD is a kind friend to introduce to your self-care routine.

Hemp salves and other topicals can be great additions to CBD capsules. Using CBD creams alongside your capsules is a nice way to experience it internally and externally. You can notice how you feel with one versus the other, or both at the same time.

The result is a greater awareness of your relationship with CBD. Depending on your use for CBD, you’ll know which products you’re drawn to—there’s no need to limit yourself to one!

In the beginning, experimenting with different forms of CBD’s an effective way to tune into your body. Having an intention for CBD pills helps form a relationship with them.

Ask yourself:

  • Why am I drawn to CBD capsules?
  • How can I commit to taking them every day?
  • How do I feel since taking them?

Consider how CBD capsules can work for you!

CBD Near Me

If you’ve found yourself aimlessly searching product shelves for something real and trustworthy, look no more. CBD wants you to love it for what it is—no marketing ploys, no secret ingredients—just pure CBD. Most pills are indifferent to whether you choose them—how can you say no to a plant product that actively begs you to love it?

Once you’re set on starting CBD capsules, the next step’s knowing where to get them. We’ve got you covered. No more buying products blindly—The Clear’s CBD capsules come with an education.

Take some time to learn about our products and our company to help you feel good about what you’re putting in your body. If it’s your first CBD experience, choosing a clean company’s a great way to get comfortable.

The Clear makes CBD pills the clear choice. Shop our store today for your new favorite CBD capsules!

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